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Project Management

Align and execute your strategies with help from our experts who provide guidance. Meet deadlines for your organization’s critical projects while managing budgets, keep your employees focused, coordinate all aspects. Idenisys supports you in design, manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning phases by:

  • Managing strategic projects
  • Consulting to accelerate your PM capabilities
  • Diagnosing challenges and doing course corrections to recover projects
  • Providing leadership for a short term
  • Training for skill gaps

Technical Evaluation

Evaluate IT management processes before initiating digital transformation. Idenisys’s strength lies in assessing and consolidating cloud infrastructure, data centres and workload environment to reduce cost. Our team of expert evaluators will assist you to:

  • Research and analyze technical infrastructure and resources
  • Determine advantages and disadvantages of products
  • Ensure data protection and support requirements
  • Provide criteria-based assessments and technical reports
  • Recommend augmentative approach towards usability and business growth

IT Ecosystem / Landscape Audit

Obtain a comprehensive IT audit report made with your strategic goals in mind. Ensure compliance with our recommendations. Analyze your IT infrastructure, policies and operations to make it more efficient. Save cost by determining outdated hardware. Zero in on security loopholes and data leaks. Make workflows simpler and monitor EHS audits. Take advantage of Idenisys’s offerings in:

  • Software audit
  • Hardware audit
  • IT architecture audit
  • IT process audit

Design Consulting Services

Ideate, design and execute intelligent IT infrastructure solutions for your business. Benefit from our innovatively tailored security systems and migration strategies. We, at Idenisys, are end-to-end transformation specialists who help you to accelerate progress and realize your vision. Our design and architecture engineers recognize your needs, technological and business feasibility to mobilize market opportunities. Our advanced design approach is:

  • Customer-centric as well as data-driven
  • Practical, objective and direct
  • To deliver problem-solving creative solutions

Commissioning Assistance

Leverage our experience for a smooth startup and rapid upscaling. Conduct regular reviews, risk assessments, hazard testing and integration. Idenisys helps you to stay within budget by ensuring efficient operation of mission-critical systems and minimise challenges. We maintain timelines, documentation and take resposibility for validation, installation, ongoing maintenance & management of facility. We support you in providing assistance for:

  • Hardware
  • Cloud
  • Storage
  • Server power
  • Memory
  • Scalability

Cost Benefit Analysis

Make crucial IT automation and business process re-engineering decisions with Idenisys’s IT cost / benefit analysis system. Our reliable consultants analyze soft and hard costs to formulate unbiased budget evaluation solutions. We help compute cash inflows, ROI target and determine MVP by:

  • Using standard analysis parameters
  • Understanding transformational goals, investment opportunities and recruitment processes
  • Assessing physical costs and benefits of intangible items for accurate revenue prediction

Start-Up Enablement

Realize the true potential of your start-up by partnering with Idenisys. Our innovative techniques can support your enterprise through the initial stages in financial and resource management. We also manage technological operations simultaneously. We work in Retail, E-Commerce, Education, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Fintech and Hospitality. Our expertise lies in:

  • Idea elaboration
  • Design, build & development of platforms & websites
  • Software product research, planning & strategy implementation
  • Digital marketing
  • Ongoing support
  • Seed fund consulting

Our Technology Platforms

Adapting latest technologies to deliver tailored solutions with intuitive UI and UX features


  • MTC
  • Stl
  • STL Academy
  • Pro Cam Larger
  • bluetook
  • Schoolmojo
  • Zohra
  • Kaval
  • Sravastis
  • MoneyMarket
  • Aryamedia
  • Desidhaba


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      We believe our innovative edge is linked to our client's success


      Bharti Astra Towers,
      Unit No. ASO-505, 5th Floor,
      Action Area II C, Rajarhat,
      Kolkata 700135, India

      We believe our innovative edge is linked to our client's success


      Bharti Astra Towers,
      Unit No. ASO-505, 5th Floor,
      Action Area II C, Rajarhat,
      Kolkata 700135, India

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