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Software Solution

Ensure business continuity with Idenisys’s portfolio of custom-designed software solutions and services based on open-source platforms. Migrate your business applications smoothly with scalable and robust cloud-based design and architecture. Our technical specialists will align your business capabilities to targeted outcomes, upgrade data platforms, simplify IT operations and create design software by:

  • Identifying and analysing IT infrastructure issues
  • Addressing resource and skill gaps
  • Conceiving creative fixes

Mobile Development

Achieve a higher ROI with Idenisys’s innovative and customised end-to-end mobile application development solutions. We craft apps for smartphones, tablets and wearables with suitable framework, tools, platform and ecosystem. We analyse data, ideate, design, develop, test and launch your app to help you move ahead with marketing. Reach your customers via Android, iOS, or cross-platform solutions:

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • React Native Development

Web Development

Integrate development software to function efficiently across platforms. Transform your digital lifestyle with both back-end and front-end web development. Our research-based solution designs will help in branding your product and achieving your business goals. The Idenisys team builds highly scalable web applications powered by bulletproof code, with stunning interfaces based on responsive web design:

  • Python and JavaScript Development
  • Django and Django CMS Development
  • Angular, React and Vue Development
  • Node.js and Elixir Development

Software Product Design

Utilize Design Thinking, an end-to-end creative process used by Idenisys, for a holistic and captivating cloud-based user experience. Understand business objectives and needs of the end-user. Brainstorm ideas, create an opportunity tree; arrive at the most logical solution, design and test a prototype; and then launch the digital or virtual product. Transform your business and work towards a feasible target with:

  • Quality codes
  • Impressive interfaces
  • Scalable designs
  • Definite product vision and strategy

Business Process Re-engineering

Redesign your digital and business strategies. Execute the perfect roadmap to optimize the automation of your business processes in latest IT environments. Enable effective implementation of flexible cloud-based infrastructure. Idenisys’s BPR services utilise both vertical value-chain and value-stream calibration. We implement digital technologies to:

  • Mitigate risks regarding cloud, data platforms, network and security
  • Break down silos
  • Migrate critical data
  • Drive enterprises towards sustainable success

Billing & Invoicing

Use APIs to transform and streamline business operations. Idenisys brings a cloud-based, customisable billing and invoicing software for your retail business. Implement all pricing models with precision; integrate products and rate structures; accommodate unmatched quantity of exclusive billing configurations; and manage customers to facilitate quick ROI. Our customer management solution will assist you to regulate your capital and operating expenses by:

  • Automating retail billing counters and point of sale terminals
  • Handling inventory and financial accounting


Automate processes on unified, scalable cloud platform. Implement Idenisys’s business management software to combine:

  • Inventory management and warehouse control system
  • Manufacturing, distribution, sales and purchase management
  • Finance and HR
  • Supply chain management and logistics

Customer Management Software

Boost accurate database management with customisable CRM from Idenisys. Maintain an integrated system for customer life-cycle processes. Add value to sales by:

  • Capturing and identifying top leads
  • Nurturing deals via automated email and SMS campaigns
  • Analysing and forecasting revenue

UI / UX Design

Create unique, attractive customer experiences with a stunning new narrative. Partner with us to get one-of-a-kind Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). Use wireframes with critical user interface elements to design web and mobile applications.

Digital Marketing

We develop and implement targeted digital marketing strategies to boost your business. We generate leads and build awareness about your business online.

Content Writing

We offer you compelling and persuasive content-related solutions across varied domains. We create targeted and engaging content for both online and offline customer interfaces. Our specialisation is in SEO content using keywords and meta content.

Our Technology Platforms

Adapting latest technologies to deliver tailored solutions with intuitive UI and UX features


  • MTC
  • Stl
  • STL Academy
  • Pro Cam Larger
  • bluetook
  • Schoolmojo
  • Zohra
  • Kaval
  • Sravastis
  • MoneyMarket
  • Aryamedia
  • Desidhaba


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      We believe our innovative edge is linked to our client's success


      Bharti Astra Towers,
      Unit No. ASO-505, 5th Floor,
      Action Area II C, Rajarhat,
      Kolkata 700135, India

      We believe our innovative edge is linked to our client's success


      Bharti Astra Towers,
      Unit No. ASO-505, 5th Floor,
      Action Area II C, Rajarhat,
      Kolkata 700135, India

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